Whether it’s heartfelt drama or bloody action, Duncan is always one of the first people I call when I need an editor.  He’s a true talent and a good guy to work with.

                                               - Jennifer Burd - Director of Post Production, Morningstar Entertainment


I've worked with Duncan on a variety of projects, from the over-the-top action of 'Deadliest Warrior' to the reflective medical of 'The Man with the 200 Lb. Tumor.'  Whatever the subject, he always edits with care and precision, and brings the project to life.

- Gary Benthin - Series Producer, Morningstar Entertainment

His steadiness and concentration are an inspiration in the midst of deadlines and the pressure of many projects.  He is an enthusiastic and conscientious team player - ready to do whatever is required in the moment and willing to go the extra mile.
  1. -Gail Forrest - Senior Producer,

SYDA Foundation Video Department

At first I had no real idea how to edit the film,

but Duncan found a path through it, and a way

to tell the story with sensitivity, fairness and clarity.

I am eternally grateful to him for structuring this story which has now influenced and inspired so many.

  1. -Rick Ray - Director,

Lynching Charlie Lynch

Duncan Sinclair is a true storyteller.  He has the ability to pluck the most interesting threads of a story and weave them together to deliver a riveting show. On Monster In My Family, his editing expertise, use of visuals, sound and pacing, created a program that was far more than the sum of its parts.

Duncan is an asset to any production.

                                - Bill Evashwick, producer-writer-director

With Walter Murch, 2006

Duncan has an artist's sense of montage, timing and music. In several of our projects together, he elevated the material to a new and improved level.

                - James Grant Goldin, Director